Learning Begins with your EXPERIENCE


Our Learning Programs, Tools, and Solutions spark both the left and right brain in a balanced way to promote holistic learning from body, mind, spirit. As a result, this integrates both logical and creative development of solutions for the individual.


We believe that the Modern Learner is autonomous and self-directed, goal and relevancy oriented, experience-based, practical, and worthy of respect. The best learning comes from within oneself, lasts a lifetime and comes out whenever the need arises.


We let you experience mind and body involvement, creation of learning, promotion of collaboration & competition, learning from different levels (conscious and Para conscious, mental and physical), learning by doing with feedback, receiving positive reinforcement, and visualization learning.


We focus on the holistic development of an individual towards well-being, touching on all life dimensions – from self-responsibility & love, breathing, sensing, eating, moving, feeling, thinking, playing & working, communicating, intimacy, finding meaning and finally transcending.

TOOL-BASED DEVELOPMENTWe anchor our programs in dynamic and award winning tools that let’s you think out of the box and have a unique experience. It enables continuous learning that goes beyond our workshop and leads toward sustainable development. These tools have been proven to facilitate learning much faster.


POINTS OF  YOU®The Points of You® Tools are award-winning and dynamic tools that stimulate creativity and deepens communication through the use of unique photos and inspiring stories. Get a glimpse on how these tools work with this digital experience.

TETRAMAP®TetraMap® Model is a behavioral assessment tool that uses nature as a metaphor. It evaluates human behavior through four (4) basic elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. This tool aims to develop self-awareness, team cohesion, and leadership capability.

WELLNESS INVENTORY®The Wellness Inventory® is an online program with dynamic interactive tools to help you determine personal wellness priorities and achieve goals by integrating all aspects of your life, represented in the 12 key dimensions.



Actelligos® provides critical information and insights about your industry, your markets and the competition to help craft superior plans and programs in order to win customers, beat competitors, enter new markets, launch new projects, and  stimulate market performance. That’s Intelligence in Action!