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We conduct FREE Discovery Sessions that feature one of our global synergy tools, TetraMap®. These sessions would give you a glimpse of our very practical and easy to remember Behavioral Tool that you, your family, your colleagues, school, organization or community can benefit from.

Besides introducing TetraMap as a tool, we also provide the different opportunities of being part of a Global Tribe of Certified TetraMap Facilitators and Trainers.

Facilitated by Kit Ycasiano, Certified TetraMap® Facilitator


19 January 2019 | Spaces, World Plaza Penthouse, BGC

Discovery Session conducted for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners at Google Business Group Manila Bizfest


3 April 2019 | Fully Booked, BGC

Discovery Session on TetraMap and Coaching to Your Nature conducted for ICF PH Coaches


25 April 2019 | The Training Hub

Discovery Session for a diverse group who come from different industries—corporate, training, coaching, events management, IT and academe.

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