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Do you feel anxious over your future?
Do you find yourself always worrying about nothing?
Are you dragging yourself to work?
Do you feel like escaping from life?
Do you have sudden, intense fear of failure?
Do you feel like life is running out?

Now you can KEEP CALM
even if your world is in chaos!


The Ultimate SELF-CARE KIT


Heal as One, Help as One, Share as One!

7 Videos to Heal, 3 Organizations You can Help, and Unli-Chances to Share (#PasaLove)

We are usually faced with challenges that bring a lot of questions, a sense of heaviness in our hearts, and a pressure building up at the back of our heads. It brings big feelings such as

stress, fear, and anxiety. 

It even pushes us to isolate ourselves from friends and family, to close our doors, to retreat and to push our feelings behind.  But that’s not how we solve problems;

that’s not how we move forward.

Especially at difficult times like this, we must learn

how to look for new paths, to thrive in adversity, and to

take care of ourselves amidst the uncertainties.

We, at Convergent Experience would like to bring

hope, positivity and love to everyone!

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A collection of Learning Webinars designed to help you HEAL through this crisis and move you forward with a new hope and outlook in life.

You will get full access to 3 powerful, inspiring and moving lessons relevant to rise above this time of confusion, fear and loneliness.


The package includes:

✔️ 7 Engaging Learning Videos

✔️ 1 Digital Journal on Emotional Agility

✔️ 1 Digital Journal on Mental Toughness

✔️ 1 Seasons of Life Digital Journal

Plus Awesome BONUSES!

✔️ BONUS #1:

A compendium of “Calm, Mind, Healthy Body”. This is a series of 10 videos as a regular guide for your daily meditation in order to achieve a calm mind & a healthy body. More effective for introspection, meditation, and designed for visual learners.

✔️ BONUS #2:
The exclusive Points of You® “3 Steps to a Better You”
Digital Worksheet Guide to help you jumpstart your journey on how you can become better everyday.

✔️ BONUS #3:

The exclusive Wellness Inventory® Digital Reference on the “12 Dimensions of Wellness” as an official guide to whole-person transformation.

✔️ BONUS #4:

The exclusive Wellness Inventory® “Personal Wellness Assessment Guide” to help you assess your overall health and personal wellbeing.

✔️ BONUS #5:
The Seasons of LIfe “Goal-Setting Worksheet” to concretize your realizations into specific action steps and implement what you have discovered about yourself in your personal retreat.

ALL-IN PACKAGE with a value of US$1,000 (or Php50,000)!

It’s like attending a Personal Wellness Conference and more!

US$17.95 (Php 875)

(INCLUDING VAT and Paypal fees)

Note: The payment gateway is PayPal, but you may choose the the CREDIT/DEBIT CARD option if you do not have a PayPal Account.

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So, why are we doing this? We want to reach out to everyone.


Do you know that when you buy THE ULTIMATE SELF-CARE KIT,
You also help 3 Major Organizations who are actively helping our countrymen during this time.

1. Gawad Kalinga,
2. Tahanan ng Panginoon
3. Puso ng Ama Foundation.

Get to know what beneficiaries you are helping!

Gawad Kalinga

Funds raised from the Self-Care Kit will be used for the GK FARMERS & SKILLED WORKERS REHAB Program in selected vulnerable urban & rural communities after the ECQ.

Gawad Kalinga, meaning to 'give care', is a Philippines-based movement that aims to end poverty by first restoring the dignity of the poor in over 10,000 barangays (communities).

Tahanan ng Panginoon

Your purchase of the Self-Care Kit will help the YOUTH LEADERS of Tahanan ng Panginoon to TRAIN & FEED 1,000 Poor Families from 14 locations in Manila & Pampanga.

The Philippine Foundation of Tahanan ng Panginoon, Inc. is a non-profit Christian ministry associated with Ligaya ng Panginoon.

Puso ng Ama Foundation

When you buy a Self-Care Kit, you help us help Fr. PAUL Uwemedimo of Puso ng Ama Foundation with his "PAYATAS 10,000 FAMILIES Program" in feeding families and scholars.

The Puso Ng Ama Foundation (PNA) is a foundation that aims to help overcome poverty and to foster transformation among the poor in Payatas, the Philippines through the power of God's love.


This is Your CHANCE to spread hope, positivity & love! #PasaLove

BUY The Ultimate Self-Care Kit as a GIFT to your loved ones, family and friends anywhere in the Philippines or around the World.

You may buy several KITS – 5, 10, 50 or even 100 access codes. 

They will be happy to receive this GIFT FROM YOU!

Help us

Share the LOVE! Buy more! HELP more!


#PasaLove NOW!

Pay via Bank Transfer, and your gift will be delivered within 3 days (after payment processing)

The Ultimate Self-Care Kit can help you learn how to..

Find your calm in the storm

  • Be More Aware
Get in touch with your emotions. Every emotion is a message. They help us handle opportunities and threats, and they help us understand what’s important to us. Instead of pushing away heavy emotions, we should learn how to identify and embrace them.
Be mindful of your well-being. Is meditation enough to practice mindfulness? How do you know if you are taking care of your overall well-being? Learn the different dimensions of Wellness and assess how each dimension affects your behaviors and emotions.
Be More Intentional
Stop feeding your fears and worries. Sometimes, when we are faced with challenges, we focus too much of our attention to the problem and we don’t see that we have so many options in front of us. We tend to say “I don’t have any choice”. But in reality, we have tons of new ways of responding to the problem!
Anchor yourself on your values. Allow yourself to have control. Take charge of what you pay attention to and what you should ignore! Practice different mindfulness techniques to anchor yourself on what matters to you the most.
Be More Purposeful
How often do you reflect on your experiences? Have you identified the different “Seasons” of your life? Through Points of You®, and with the first Filipina Points of You® Expert, learn how you can effectively reconnect with yourself to gain a greater sense of vision and purpose.
Be More Generous
What is your overarching sense of purpose? How can you help at times like this? How do you want to thrive in this adversity? If you have a clear picture of what you value most and of where you want to go, you’ll make much more effective decisions.
The Ultimate SELF-CARE KIT
Learning Videos

Video Course Outline

  • The Cognitive Triangle
  • What it means to be Emotionally Agile
  • The Wisdom of Emotions &
  • Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions

T.E.A. Time!

Emotional Agility Action Planning

Strengthen Your Emotional Agility
Buneeh Pagdanganan

◻️ CEO and Senior Consultant of Convergent Experience

◻️ Facilitator, Trainer, OD Consultant, Professor

◻️ Certified TetraMap® Facilitator and Points of You® Practitioner

◻️ EQ Advocate

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Video Course Outline

  • What’s Your Level of Stress?
  • Mentally Sensitive vs. Mentally Tough
  • Grit
  • Self-Awareness
  • Anxiety Control
  • Attentional Control
  • Social Connectedness
  • Perspective-Taking Validation, Encouragement, Problem-Solving
  • Attentional Control
  • Building Confidence
  • Goal Setting Action Step
Develop Mental Toughness

Dr. Joffrey Quiring
◻️ Fellow of the Philippine Psychiatric Association

◻️ Consultant at UP-PGH and at National Center for Mental Health

◻️ Certified Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Facilitator

◻️ Wellness Consultant of Convergent Experience

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Video Course Outline:

Why a Personal Retreat?

Why Self-Paced?

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • 2 Ways to Play!
  • How do I start?
  • Moving on…
  • When does it end?
Explore Seasons of Life: A Self-Paced Retreat

Stephanie Escareal

◻️ Chief Learning Officer and Coach of Convergent Experience

◻️ Certified Points of You® Expert

◻️ Certified Coaching Clinic® Facilitator

◻️ Professor at Assumption College

Interested in a session for your Group or Organization? CONTACT US HERE!

What People are Saying...

“Thank you because I feel reconnected to my purpose and the training made me realize that as a leader I need to be more self-aware and manage my emotions and how to react.”
Jinelle Picones
SGS Philippines
“First time to join a Convergent session and it was awesome! I really learned a lot in just an hour and half! Ms. Buneeh is clear and simple in her approach, and provides relatable points. There are a lot of things to ponder after the session and can't wait for the next session! Thank you and more power to the Team!"
Beatriz Brondial
"The training was very comprehensive and practical. Doc Joff was very eloquent and succinct. He presented very relatable scenarios. It made me more self aware. Overall, it was a great learning experience. Thank you Doc Joff and Convergent for this opportunity!"
Maria Gina Morfe
Avon Cosmetics, Inc.
"Attending this webinar, especially during tough times is very helpful. It helped me clear my mind, focus on the important things, and always find the silver lining in everything. Thank you to your team!"
Erika Garcia
Ayala Malls
"Awesome! Words are not enough how grateful I am to experience again a learning that is one of a kind. As a Points of You® Practitioner, I will always be excited for new learnings, approaches, and perspectives! Kudos to the team!"
Ravien Gumatay
"Thank you to Ms. Steph for enlightening us about the Seasons of our lives. I am excited to start this retreat."
Rachel Ann Ramos
Little Clarion Montessori School


Note: The payment gateway is PayPal, but you may choose the the CREDIT/DEBIT CARD option if you do not have a PayPal Account.


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